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Los Angeles:
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Kylie Malin

Los Angeles - United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
NFP is led by not-for-profit sector expert, Kylie Malin. Kylie has worked in the sector for more than ten years and in that time has supported over 40 organisations to help them achieve their goals. Kylie is a specialist in all not-for-profit fundraising streams, communications, marketing and change management. Kylie has personal experience of needing not-for-profit support, which gives her genuine empathy and understanding of the importance of the sector. Her goal is to add true value to your organisation by growing capacity in your skill and knowledge.
Kylie is particularly passionate about strengthening the health and disability, social services, mental health, children's services and sporting sectors.
"I use a hands-on approach to support organisations on their individual journeys. I firmly believe that having a true understanding of an organisation allows me to find opportunity that can be easily harnessed. I take pride in creating solutions that can be implemented by your organisation, which will support you now and long into the future. My focus is on building capacity to create real and systemic change in the not-for-profit sector." - Kylie Malin
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