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Beat Coronavirus Insomnia

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You may be having trouble sleeping due to coronavirus anxiety.  I want to help you beat coronavirus insomnia.
If so, I would recommend you:
Start with Lesson 8 on Relaxation to relieve some of your pent up stress.
Then, Lesson 7 on Sleep Myths to help reverse some of the stress inducing thoughts you may have.
Then onto Lesson 6 on Sleep Buddy to learn about what to do when you have trouble sleeping – when to stay in and get out of bed and what to do when awake at night.
If you have been getting advice on the sleeping better on the internet, check out Lesson 9 on “Sleep Tips – Use With Caution” to make sure that the solution doesn’t become the problem.
SleepHub has a resource page with advice on sleeping better during these uncertain times: Self care and manage worries.
In general, it is especially important at this time to take care of your mental and physical health.  I hope this helps beat coronavirus insomnia for you.
How to Cure Insomnia
Everything you need to know how to cure insomnia and sleep solutions that nobody is telling you.
Meet the team.
What to expect for the rest of the “Cure Insomnia Podcast” course.
Lesson Notes:
This course is based on CBTi or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, the most thoroughly researched, proven and recommended how to cure insomnia method on the planet.
This course is not a quick fix.  It will take courage and perserverance to complete but WILL give sleep solutions.
Introduction to our seasoned, professional guests: Dr. Daniel Erichsen and Michael Schwartz.
 Why CBTi could be considered a miracle cure.
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