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Why Uploaded is the Best Cloud Storage

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Uploaded is one of the most popular data hostings portals. It offers cloud storage with the best accelerators to boost speed in uploading and downloading. It is one of the most trusted and reliable cloud storage portals.
Every hour millions of satisfied users enjoy the best features of this data host. It is very widely used all around the world for backing up data and sharing it with friends.
The Uploaded team focuses on data safety and privacy to make sure users can upload their data with freedom and without any hesitation. The uploaded portal is very user-friendly and easy to use. It also has premium features and users can avail very easily.
The Uploaded offers several benefits to its users including the remote upload, FTP upload, import and many more. They also offer very flexible and economical pricing for its users.
Uploaded Premium:
The Uploaded also has premium plans and users can easily avail premium features by just upgrading their accounts.
The premium account comes with benefits:
More space
Uploaded premium account increases space for users to upload more files. Premium increases space by more than 50% from regular accounts.
Easy file management
The Uploaded also offers the best file management interface for its users. Users can also encrypt their files with a password for safety purposes. It also comes with additional features e.g. File and folder management also hotlinking.
Easy access
The Uploaded premium users can access their files from anywhere on any device connected to the internet. The Uploaded also has applications for Windows, Mac, and Android platforms for better and easy access. Their application is known as U-Drive for PC and Android.
Faster upload and download speed
The Uploaded premium allows users to upload files with better speed. The Uploaded premium runs on the best severs to get users faster speed for both download and upload.
No advertisements
The Uploaded premium accounts also remove advertisements and promotions so that users do not have to wait to skip ads and access their data. It saves time and makes it more user friendly.
No restrictions
The Uploaded premium also allows users to upload and download files simultaneously. The premium users can enjoy parallel downloads feature without any restrictions. There is no limit for downloading and uploading files at the same time.
Perks and other benefits
The Uploaded premium also has features like commission and loyalty points. Premium users can earn points on the basis of their use and redeem these points at the time of re-subscribing premium features.
Get Uploaded Premium at a cheaper price:
Users who have limited use and want to avail premium features can go for the Uploaded Resellers. Resellers offer services at a bit cheaper prices. They offer features of Uploaded Premium. These resellers are trusted and authorized.
Avail Uploaded Premium Services:
To get Uploaded Premium users just have to sign up and upgrade their account for premium features. The Uploaded has very easy payment methods including PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.
Uploaded PayPal  is the most preferred choice for users.
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