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A Complete Guide To Applying For Graduate Entry Medicine

Manchester - United Kingdom | General information | Popularity - 0/10
Welcome to our comprehensive guide to applying to Medicine as a graduate, updated for 2021 entry. This Graduate entry Medicine guide is entirely free as part of our commitment to making high-quality information about a career in Medicine free and easily accessible. It will be relevant to people with a graduate degree in any discipline or for people approaching graduation who are interested in applying to either a standard entry Medicine course or a Graduate Entry Medicine programme. We have a separate guide for students who have not yet graduated who are considering transferring in the middle of their degree to study Medicine. This comprehensive guide to graduate entry Medicine covers:
• Is applying to Medicine as a graduate right for you? How to come to a decision, fees, funding, work experience and more.
• Ways of applying for graduate entry Medicine. Should you apply to a standard entry Medicine course or a Graduate Entry Medicine course? Differences in course structure, funding, fees, advantages & disadvantages of each, how to decide which one to apply to.
• A list of medical schools that offer Graduate Entry Medicine programmes for 2021 entry
• 2021 entry requirements for Graduate Entry Medicine programmes: what degrees do they accept? Do they have A-level requirements for graduates? What admissions tests do they require?
• What do admissions tutors expect from graduate applicants to Medicine compared to undergraduate applicants?
• Although not covered in this guide, our comprehensive Graduate entry personal statement blog article on how to write a graduate medicine personal statement covers in detail how to approach writing a personal statement as a graduate.
Beyond the topics listed above which we discuss in this guide, Medicine Answered are here to help you in every step of applying to Medicine as a graduate. From our free 10-step guide to writing a Medicine personal statement as a graduate, to our interview courses created and delivered exclusively by doctors who received all four offers to study Medicine.
Applying to medical school as a graduate is popular and competitive
Applying for graduate entry Medicine is a well-established and popular entry route into UK medical schools. It attracts over 10,000 applications a year. This figure includes graduates applying to accelerated Medicine courses, which are only open to graduates as well as graduates applying to standard entry Medicine courses, where most applicants are college students. In some other countries such as the USA, Medicine is already a postgraduate course. Graduate entry Medicine will appeal to people who decide to study Medicine later in life or who were either unable to or unsuccessful in applying as an undergraduate. Note that graduate entry Medicine is NOT the same thing as postgraduate Medicine which is an entirely different qualification available to doctors after completing a medical degree.
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