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Full Mouth Rehabilitation - Smile Gallery

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Other than having common dental problems in the mouth, there are dental cases with dental problems all over their oral cavity. At our dental doctor in Bhopal we take utmost care to restore patients requiring Full mouth Rehabilitation.
Both the functioning as well as aesthetics is affected in these cases and the patients thus, need full mouth reconstruction through dental experts. There may be
·         Multiple broken teeth or grinded teeth as a result of bruxism.
·         Dental ailments occurring in some patients by birth that need complete restoration of oral cavity.
·         There can be casualties of extreme kind from accidents where the complete teeth structure is damaged requiring complete reconstruction.
Full mouth rehabilitation not only restores function and aesthetics but also prevents future joint problems pertaining to jaws thus increasing life of teeth. Dentist Near Me
Our teeth age along with us and over time, the distance between our lower and upper jaw reduces and the chin starts moving towards the nose. This results in the change of the lower part of our face and makes it look compressed and sunk.
Apart from this, age brings in a number of other problems:
·         like reduction or complete loss of chewing ability,
·         food lodgment,
·         increased sensitivity of the teeth,
·         problems related to the gum,
·         discomfort or pain and a lot more.
As a matter of fact these dental problems are not just limited to the mouth. Apart from the emotional trauma that these problems create, they also make one feel older and not to forget the loss of confidence that comes with a bad smile.
It is with the help of our full mouth rehabilitation procedures that these imperfections can be corrected to allow our patients to regain their attractive smile. These procedures combine the most advanced of Neuromuscular Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry to provide our patients with a beautiful, comfortable and fully functional smile. Low cost dental impalnts in Bhopal
Full mouth rehabilitation is currently one of the most popular dental procedures and is something that required enhanced skills and experience. With Quality Practice as our main motto, our team of elite dentists and advanced international standard equipment’s and tool, we thrive to become one of the best Dental Doctor in Bhopal.
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