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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry is that branch of dentistry that basically deals with improving the appearance of the teeth & gums through procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, gum de-pigmentation, smile correction. Right from the position, shape, alignment, and color of the teeth, to the overall appearance of the smile, everything can be improved with cosmetic dentistry in the best possible manner that you become one of our fan & don’t have to search for Dentist in Bhopal on Google any more. Best Orthodontist in Bhopal
Decayed or damaged teeth are actively repaired using the latest technology to bring back the beautiful smile in you. Common complaint’s such as of food lodgment, broken tooth is restored. Be ensure that your smile will be flawless with the help of Smile Gallery Dental Wellness center.
Some of the procedures that are part of cosmetic dentistry are-
Removal of gums or tooth structure, like gingivectomy, enameloplasty, etc.
Addition of materials to gums or teeth, like veneers made from porcelain, gum grafts, bonding, etc.
Straightening of the teeth along with improving the face-orthodontics
Gum depigmentation, teeth whitening, etc.
Tooth Whitening-
This is the most commonly done dental procedure. While many of the patients want a brighter and whiter set of teeth, other go through this procedure for removing stains from their teeth. Discolorations that are hereditary or caused due to tea, coffee, tobacco, cigarettes, medication can be treated with whitening. Even though almost everyone in this world brush and floss their teeth regularly, there are cases when people feel their teeth have lost their natural whiteness. This is where the dental procedure of teeth whitening is taken in use. But Correctly and professionally done Tooth Whitening in bhopal helps in restoring the whiteness or brightness of teeth.
Tooth Reshaping-
In this procedure, we remove parts of enamel for the purpose of improving the appearance of tooth. Treatments like altering the length, altering the position or shape of the teeth, chipping of the enamel, or altering the size of tooth are part of tooth reshaping procedures. Moreover, even the long and crooked teeth can be treated.
Laser Whitening-
In this procedure, we cover the gums with the help of rubber and then a bleaching chemical is applied on teeth. Then we make use of argon laser for activating the bleaching chemical for lightening the color of the teeth. As compared to the standard teeth whitening procedure, laser wing is said to be almost 6 times more effective. .
Bridges are actually false teeth which are fixed between two crowns that fill the areas which are left open by missing teeth. The crowns that hold the bridge in place are known as fixed bridge and are attached to the sides that are adjacent to the actual bridge. This procedure can be used for replacing a single or multiple teeth. Best Dentist in Bhopal
These are custom-made, ultra-thin laminates that are made from porcelain and are directly bonded to teeth. They are commonly used for improving the shape of the teeth, closing gap between teeth and also to improve the color of the teeth when they do not respond as expected to the whitening procedures.
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