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Recruitment in Dubai

Dubai - United Arab Emirates | General information | Popularity - 0/10
“isengaged HR services’ (A Middle East Recruitment Company) as the name suggests is a revolutionary organization in terms of recruitment because its foundation is ‘inclusion”. It is the first company in Middle East or perhaps globally where the organization has partnered with a Training Centre for people with determination for job placement of employable students. The company is actively looking to invest in future of work and also keen to work on outdoor training for future talents with their campus to corporate campaigns. Simply speaking it is the best platonic platform to minimize the fundamental gap between employees and employers by emphasizing on within country hiring at jet speed. Mr. Manish Kumar is the powerful brain behind this unique and transitional concept which materialized in the volcanic year of 2020. Recruitment in Dubai
The pandemic and downturn in fossil fuel had ravaged the entire world previous few years and left many jobless and writhing. People suffered not only physically but mentally as well. With monetary support lost or reduced and those who had jobs were chronically emotionally scarred due to illegal salary cuts leaving them on the verge of nervous breakdown.
This motivated founder of ‘isengaged HR Services (Mr. Manish Kumar) to visualize an organization which would systemize the demography of recruitment. While he himself being engaged and performing and holds extremely high regards for all his employers over the years choose not to sign off to a drag by the excel row philosophy and not actual performance practices of few in the HR fraternity, hence choose not to be victim of this ravage on employees going on globally due to the Pandemic. This is where www.disengagedhr.com was born (Pronounced as ‘isengaged HR services) with focus to engage with a purposeful work and rest to be disengaged with.
But being a courageous persona, with connectedness, restoration and responsibility as his guiding strength he decided not to bow down but rise like a sphynx from the depths of the surviving start up battles. His timing to start looked unrealistic to many but his family including his spouse and two lovely children, some close friends, ex-colleagues and mentors were his support and motivated him to launch an everlasting recruitment organization which would change the roadmap of future of HR services.
‘isengaged’HR is one of the fastest-evolving executive search firm in the Middle East recruitment industry with a bold vision of achieving success. Our roots are formed during the challenging times of 2020 when jobs market was looking for pace and layoffs, salary cuts were common norm. Reach Employment Services Jobs
Our customized talent search process, we align our clients’ culture, mission, and goals with the best candidates. We have a big network of consultants employing a consultative and highly targeted approach. From small boutique firms to multinational corporations, we serve any organization in Healthcare ,Information Technology and Professional services. Consult with our team to pave the way to a newer and better future.
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