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iManage Financial DMS

London - United Kingdom | General information | Popularity - 0/10
What do MacroAgility consultants offer our clients? A customized iManage product that is tailored specifically for them and designed to operate across all use cases. And full support of our solutions and products post-delivery
Financial Industry
Financial firms are especially document-rich environments. Traditionally, the processing of this seemingly unending stream of paper resulted in a significant burden on a firm’s payroll. iManage Financial DMS
iManage developed their work and share email and document management system specifically for organization and fast, accurate document and data processing. In the context of financial firm usage, the system directs data flow, automates calculations, and facilitates collaborative efforts and sharing.
Best Features
If the barometer of a firm’s competitive potential is its productivity, iManage Work 10 and Share collectively represent the most relevant business software innovation available.
iManage DMS implementation makes manual processing historic. Its smart features streamline collaborative efforts and email communications. And the paperless nature of the system improves bottom-line performance and helps a firm achieve a greener footprint.
iManage Upgrade
Now, access critical data from any device, anywhere, at any time. Use iManage’s artificial intelligence-enabled search and sort features for fast collation, selection and sharing. The applications for firm efficiency are diverse and profound.
iManage Work 10 Upgrade
The iManage DMS Work 10 upgrade should be seriously considered by any law firm or financial firm using an older version of the application.
In developing this latest version of their popular work product management software, iManage concentrated on user accessibility, smart-feature functionality and—above all—productivity improvements.
AI-driven Smart Search makes for easy identification and routine document and email sorting, storage and collation. Smart Send and Smart Attachments features enhance collaborative potential, communication, and workflow processing.
Consult with MacroAgility to discover how an upgrade to iManage Work 10 will enhance your firm’s unique operations, and how it can increase productivity and bottom-line performance for all your individual use cases.
Benefits of Upgrade
Changes to iManage Work in this latest version are substantive, broad-spectrum and user-friendly. Work 10 was designed to learn the operational rhythms of any office and accurately anticipate needs moving forward. It was designed to progress with your firm, in step with your firm.
Work 10 also enhances portability of use, allowing for cross-device manipulation from anywhere, at any time. It standardizes user experience staff-wide for baseline comprehension and cohesive, stress-free usage.
Stress reduction, seamless collaborations, accessibility and intuitive operation, and easier and more consistent communication. The benefits of a Work 10 upgrade represent a very sound ROI for any firm using an older iteration of this document and email management software, and a sound investment for new iManage clients.
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