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What Steel Building Insulation Should I Choose?

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Steel Building insulation comes in a variety of different options.  If you are planning to heat and cool your building it is an excellent idea to insulate it and depending on the use a higher R-value system might work best.  The use of a higher R value system will cost more upfront but may cut your heating costs in half.   Insulation also slows down heat transfer, reduces noise and reduces condensation in your new steel building. Canadian Steel Buildings
Traditional R20 Insulation with a WMP-50 Vapour Barrier
This rolled blanket insulation is the most commonly used insulation in steel buildings.   It is ideal for agricultural buildings and residential steel buildings.   It has a white reflective vapour barrier pre-installed on the fibreglass that is most commonly sealed with a preinstalled tape on the tabs.  This insulation really brightens up a building and is effective for those applications.  Please confirm that R20 meets the requirements in your township as SB-10 compliance is mandatory in certain applications.
Long Tab Insulation System
For the ceiling the long tab insulation system is by far one of our favorites.  Depending on the depth of the buildings purlins you can achieve over R41.  This system uses banding to hold the insulation in place usually a layer if uncompressed R28 fibreglass insulation with a long tab WMP-50 vapour barrier which seals over the purlins. The R28 long tab is run the same direction as the purlins.  A second layer of R13 unfaced insulation is rolled perpendicular to the purlins making sure there are no gaps to ensure there is minimal heat loss.
Energy Saver Insulation System
The energy saver insulation system is similar to the long tab system but uses one large sheet or vapour barrier.  The purlins are not visible and allows up to R41 insulation in the walls.  This system is more costly to install but allows you to take full advantage of the high R-value insulation system.
Prestige Steel Buildings Many Uses
With the price of wood currently, now is the best time to look at a Steel building. Lets add that a steel building is low maintenance, durable and can last you a lifetime. With a prefab steel buildings you can utilize the space you need with a column free interior. Many warehouses, residential houses and garages, recreation buildings, agricultural buildings, hangars, commercial buildings and more can have great value in the clear span designs. Such buildings may be looking for vehicles like forklifts or heavy farm equipment to go in and out of, you may need to put in racks for storage or an arena for hockey or horse riding. With the commercial buildings you can add a mezzanine for an office or storage space and with the open concept design you have a more flexible use of space to be able to do so. And think of the neat design shapes and sizes you can do with a residential house and accessories you can add to make it unique. Tower Steel Buildings
Prestige Steel Buildings can help you from the first point of contact to handing you the keys to your new steel building when all is said and done. We not only design and sell, but offer you a complete foundation package, permit assist and installation service. Visit our website prestigesteel.ca for your unique steel building quote.
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