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Laptop dust cleaning

London - United Kingdom | General information | Popularity - 0/10
Most problems occur due to overheating of the laptop.
The cooling system consists of 2 important components, namely:
·         The heatsink is attached to the video chips / chipset and processor, it is glued to them with a thermal paste with the role of transmitting heat from the chips to thermal pipes, which end up in a heatsink (a small radiator / radiator ) which in turn is cooled.
·         The cooler or fan that has the role of taking air from a slot in the laptop case and dissipating it in the radiator to cool it. Laptop Reparatie Amsterdam
The problem occurs when the fan draws too much dust and fills this heatsink, having nowhere to dissipate the hot air as a result of its overheating. Another problem would be when the cooler is loaded with dust and does not rotate efficiently (or not at all), it even breaks its blades and loses the efficiency of rotations.
The symptoms of overheating can be seen in advance and these are:
·         Heat the case / keyboard more than usual.
·         Increased cooler speed for a longer period even if you are not working on the laptop at maximum capacity.
·         Shutting down the laptop without any error and without restarting it (restart) after it heats up (reaches 90 * C +). Laptop Scherm Reparatie
Cleaning the laptop is necessary after the warranty period and its frequency depends on the environment in which the laptop is used. Avoid using the laptop in bed or on surfaces that cover the ventilation slots.
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