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Looking for a qualified NZ Customs Broker with competitive rates?

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We are here to help.  Do you need import or export cargo cleared through Customs & MPI?
Whether it be sea freight, airfreight, post or courier shipment, large or small, we can handle them all. Customs Broker
With more than 25 years of industry knowledge you can be confident you are getting the best service for your business needs. Freight Companies
What do we do?
Just Customs focus is on customs clearances, be it for imports, exports, personal effects or commercial cargo. Just Customs will work with NZ Customs and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) to get your goods released and enable collection of your freight.
· Import Entry
· Export Entry
· Car Clearance 
· Tariff Consultancy
· Importer Code Application
· Devanning Referral
· Arrange MPI clearance
· Arrange Health Dept Clearance
· Co-ordinate Fumigation
· Co-ordinate Cartage
· Freight Forwarding Referral
· Cartage Referral
· Personal Effect Clearance
Who do we work for?
· Importers
· Exporters
· Freight Forwarders
· Regular Importers
· One-off Importers
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