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Metal Work Solutions

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Many industrial, commercial and residential buildings will have some form of architectural metalwork. This type of metalwork covers a broad selection of building fixtures, such as handrails, staircases, balustrades, canopies and pergolas.
Blake Steel is an expert in steel welding and fabrication. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality, custom architectural metalwork solutions. We have worked with many architects and builders to problem solve and provide high-end metalwork for our Auckland customers. Metal Work Solutions
As an architectural metalwork supplier and installer, we understand your vision and work on every detail to ensure that when the end product is delivered, it exceeds your expectations.
Our General Architectural Metal Work Process
We follow general yet effective procedures in creating long-lasting and visually pleasing architectural metalwork for your building. Our process consists of the following:
Project Consultation and Quote
During our initial meeting, we take the time to learn about your needs and the type of architectural structure you want to install. We offer a free, no-obligation quote of the project and explain the details to help you make a well-informed decision.
Send Us Your Drawings
Our experienced and talented team can alternatively work from your preexisting drawings plans. This is a hassle-free option and streamlines the process from start to finish.
Metal Work Manufacturing and Assembly
Once we have received your approval, we get to work for your architectural structure.
Apart from manufacturing, we can assemble to completion before dismantling it again to ensure we’ve constructed and completed the work to the highest standards before it ever leaves our workshop.
Site Installation
We send a team to install the metalwork to your site. Our team is committed to safely and respects your schedule. Once we finish the project, we clean up the worksite and leave you with the work you hope for. Metal Work Auckland
The Blake Steel Difference
We have years of experience fabricating steel for various markets. When we take on an architectural metalwork project, we use that experience to deliver high-quality output on time, every time.
We also value communication as a company. If you have queries about our metalwork processes, we provide prompt and detailed responses to your concerns. We also send regular status updates, so you know exactly what’s going with your project.
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