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Aluminium Welding Services

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Aluminium is a welding material that’s easy to work with; it’s durable and pliable. This material, however, poses a unique set of challenges when you weld it. Welds Aluminium, for instance, have a high heat conductivity and low melting point. When you have projects involving the use of aluminium products or materials, you need a welder who employs the right combination of speed and heat input to meet project requirements.
Turn to Blake Steel to minimise delays and ensure your project starts and finishes as planned. We offer top-quality aluminium welding for Auckland clients.
We perform welding in house and on-site. Our company has ticketed structural welders and an in-house welding supervisor qualified to AS/NZS 2214.
Delivering Well-Finished and Precise Welding Work
We offer a range of aluminium welding services for your project, including:
Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding – This employs a tool to melt the metal wire and combine it with the base metal.
Alternating Current (AC) Welding – This uses electricity to generate heat, melt the metal and bind the raw material with the base metal.
Spot Welding – This involves applying heat and pressure to join two or more metal sheets together.
​We Weld More Than Just Aluminium
​At Blake Steel, we have the ability to offer our customers polished stainless steel, custom aluminium fabrication, rectangular and rounds ducts, custom steel fabrication, heavy steel and angle iron, and many different grades of pipe welding for any of their welding needs
The Blake Steel Advantage
 We provide a unique, seven-point satisfaction guarantee for our welding services.  Our team of professional welders assure you of the following:
Stellar Craftsmanship – We perform welding procedures that conform to international standards.
Accuracy – Before we leave the job site, we check with your builder-in-charge to determine if our welding work meets your requirements.
Quality Materials – We source materials suitable for your welding project.
Communication – When things don’t go according to plan, we communicate solutions instead of excuses.
Cleanliness – We make sure that the job site is tidy once we finish the welding job.
Notification on Costing Changes – If there’s a change in the job scope, we’ll inform you of the changes in the project costs.
Fast Delivery of Quotes and Invoices – We deliver invoices and quote as quickly as possible to help you make an informed decision on your project.
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