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Dentures Cost NZ

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The condition of every patient’s teeth varies from one to another, which means the cost of dentures also differs. Some may need a full set of dentures, while others may only need partial ones. If this is your first time getting dentures, contact us and we can give you a free estimate.
Does getting dentures hurt?
When you’re first fitted with dentures, it’s normal to feel discomfort and mild pain, especially in your gums. The length of pain also varies, but new dentures can take two to four weeks to settle properly. Once the dentures have properly settled into your gums, the discomfort will eventually disappear. Dentures Cost NZ
What types of removable dentures can I get?
There are several types of dentures depending on what your teeth needs. At Merivale Denture Clinic, we offer full dentures, partial dentures, implant-retained lower dentures and cosmetic dentures. To learn more about what these are and which type fits your needs, book a consultation with one of our clinicians. Denture Prices NZ
I just got a tooth extraction. How long should I wait before getting dentures?
Tooth extraction is a delicate process that involves cutting the gums to remove a tooth. Your gums need to heal before we can attempt any denture fitting. Every patient’s healing time is unique, so we need to examine your gums to ensure that enough time has passed for it to heal.
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