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Paddington Reservoir Garden

Sydney - Australia | Ruins — Squares, streets and etc — Parks, botanic gardens — Castles, forts | Popularity - 0/10
Beautiful community garden with ruins open for public, when not closed for private event. Красивый городской сад с развалинами, открыт для свободного .. read more..

Bare Witness

Rhodes - Australia | International restaurants, cafes — Coffee and pastry shops — Drinking establishments (bars, pubs) — Native restaurants, cafes — Fast food restaurants | Popularity - 0/10
Casual modern dining and the food is super tasty. You can also just pop up for some coffee and pastry. Современная кухня с фантастически вкусной едой... read more..

Petrel Kitchen

Sydney - Australia | International restaurants, cafes — Native restaurants, cafes — Coffee and pastry shops — Fast food restaurants — Drinking establishments (bars, pubs) | Popularity - 0/10
Nice and cozy terrace restaurant with modern kitchen. Quite street makes it more enjoyable to sit there and drink coffee. Уютная терраса на тихой улиц.. read more..
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