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8 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To A New Website Fast

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So you have this amazing website that you spent a lot of money and time developing, but you can’t get any traffic to it? That can be frustrating.
Even though SEO is one of the most important traffic source for a website, but It doesn’t come cheap and takes a lot of time, usually between 6 – 12 months, and you don’t want to wait that long, Well you don’t have to.
So what is the solution? How can you drive traffic to your new site right away without spending money on ads or waiting for search engines to rank your site?
Below are the 8 free traffic sources we are going to discuss:
Google My Business
Guest Post
Q&A Platforms
Engage In Linkedin
Blog Commenting
LSI Keywords
Ready to start driving that traffic? Let’s dive in..
1. Google My Business
Google my business is one of the best and easy to use traffic source, creating your website’s business profile with google my business will give you the highest chance of getting new and quality traffic fast.
2. Guest Post
Guest post also called guest blogging is the act of writing blog post for another website for the purpose of building relationship or gaining exposure and traffic. Professional WordPress Developer
3. Q&A Platforms
Question and answer websites include quora and yahoo answers, although it may seem like people are no longer using these platforms but that’s not the case.
Quora has  300 million monthly active users, there are many top bloggers who uses quora as their number one traffic source, such as SmartBlogger. Without a doubt, question and answer platforms are a great way to generate traffic to your website instantly.
4. Engage In LinkedIn
Linkedin is a big traffic source that many people ignore, but the amount of traffic you can generate from it should not be ignored.
How LinkedIn Works
Linkedin works better if you have a large number of connections, and the good news is connections are right there, all you need to do is find people with interest to your topic and connect with them.
5. Online Directories
Those are the websites where you can submit your website’s information, and when people search for something related to your website in the directory your website will be there for them.
6. Forums
Online forums are the websites where people share ideas or personal views over different issues.
More than driving traffic to your site, forum is a great place to get content ideas for your content strategy, I guess that’s why online forums get more traffic than most websites.
Reddit is one of the popular online forums, and it have over 330 million monthly active users, and all you need to do to be part of it is share your content and engage with other people’s content.
7. Blog Commenting
When I say blog commenting I didn’t mean you should start posting irrelevant comments on all kind of websites, administrators are not going to approve irrelevant comments anyway.
What I mean is find top blogs in your niche, and subscribe to their newsletter so that when they post a new article you will be notified, read their blog post and understand the point of it, then you can write a honest feedback, opinion or contribution in the comment section.
8. Update Your Pages With LSI Keywords
LSI stand for latent semantic indexing, and you can simply call it related keywords, some time back you simply stuff your pages with the same keyword over and over again, and google will rank your page for that keyword. Create dynamic wordpress
But unfortunately google have become smarter, that method doesn’t work anymore, instead google analyze all the information on your page and understand what the topic is about.
Example: if your main keyword is “Graphic designer” make sure to use keywords like “illustration” Photography” Attractive visuals” e.t.c.
This is not exactly one of the fastest traffic source, but using LSI keywords will help your pages rank higher in google, that makes it a smart method.
Those are my 8 free ways to drive traffic to your new website without spending any money or waiting for search engines to rank your pages, get on it right now and start generating traffic right away.
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