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Tower Steel Buildings

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Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario by population.  Sudbury was founded after the discovery of nickel and was well known for its mining industries.  Prestige Steel Buildings offers building for all uses has worked on projects such as Xstrada and Reliable.  We also offer steel buildings designed for Sudbury’s snow loads that can be used as Truck repair shops, ware houses, manufacturing facilities.
We are not limited to steel buildings for industry and commercial.  Our designs can incorporate overhangs and steeper roof pitches which are ideal for residential and agricultural buildings.  With our new Hi R value insulation system coupled with our 26 Gauge liner we can help keep your heating/cooling costs lower in Sudbury’s cold winters and hot summers. Tower Steel Buildings
Mining in the area has decrease but Sudbury’s economy has adapted and has become a major centre for business, tourism, fiancé and government.  The largest employers in Sudbury are mainly Mining (Vale and Xstrada), Government (Tax Offices, City of Sudbury, and Ontario Ministries) and the remaining are health and education services.
Steel Buildings Timmins and Iroquois Falls
Prestige Steel Buildings is now offering custom design prefab buildings designed to meet the snow loads and seismic data for Timmins and the surrounding area.  Our steel buildings are ideal for use in the lumber and mining industries that make up the cities economy.  The Timmins Chamber of Commerce released a report stating that there will be growth this year in forestry and transportation sectors.
We also offer prefab buildings designed for residential and agricultural use.  If we are hired to do the whole project we can assist with permits.  Prestige Steel will provide you with the engineered foundation and building drawings required to help get your permit released. Timmins Building
If you are a business looking to relocate into the North Timmins is a prime location for commercial and industrial development.  Thanks to the very accommodating planning and building departments low permits and planning costs make it an affordable city to build in.  Timmins is thriving due to the resource based economy which is benefiting existing and new businesses.  Local, Provincial and Federal Government also offer a wide range of incentives to grow your business in Timmins and it would be wise to visit their economic development site to research.
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