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Silo Art Factory, Museum Workshop, Greece, on the way to Napflion

Anifion - Греция | Музеи — Вещевые рынки — Рестораны/кафе нац. кухни | Популярность - 0/10
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Crossing the road that joins the Mycenae in Nafplio, the path followed by the thousands of visitors of Argolis, in the locality of Monastiraki faces you Silo Art Factory, the brainchild of artist Stelios d. Marangou. Will recognize it instantly from the Silo features that have turned into a peculiar restroom and art and of the “Trojan horse”. It would be a shame to go through there and do not stop to see something so unique! Stelios D. Carpenter to realise this dream, spent about 8 years of soul and body, transforming an old factory. So, jokingly talks about the “13th feat of Hercules”.
In the Cafe of the Silo House Art Factory, which is made from recyclable material, visitors can enjoy their coffee, a drink or a snack, overlooking olive groves and the magnificent nature of Argolis. Keep in mind that the area of 40 acres also offers creative birthday parties and various other events.
In a stunning area 2000 m² is the shop and workshop. In the store displayed antiques, original creations, artifacts, furniture, objects from recycled materials, pictures and Museum replicas.
In the laboratory, upon contact, pottery, sculpture lessons, painting and iconography by Stelios d. Maraggos and his collaborators. Referring to both adults and children, with their monitoring is a unique idea for clubs, schools, language schools, etc.

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  • 09:00–18:00

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  • 09:00–18:00
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  • Адрес : Νέα Τίρυνθα - Μυκήνες, Μοναστηράκι, κ. Μοναστηρακίου, Silo Art Factory
  • Координаты GPS : 37.701224,22.744489
  • Интересные страницы:
  • Телефон : +30 2751 076276
  • E-mail :
  • Другие названия места: Silo Art Factory (EN)


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