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Corona Arch

Моаб - Соединённые Штаты Америки | Горные достопримечательности | Популярность - 0/10
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First of all, it is a hike, a pretty simple, but a hike. So it's not for everybody. Also they've recently updated the cables and painted a path in green where it may be confusing in the past for first timers. Relatively flat hike with a short ladder and some cable guides. Wouldn't recommend for dogs afraid of heights and small children.
Would recommend bringing water and going earlier or later in the day as it is cooler with more shades. Bowtie Arch is also accessible/viewable from this trail by the way. Be careful about the weather, if it is rainy - trail become slippy and more dangerous. Also plan your time well, you don't want to be there when it is dark (hard to stay on trail, getting dark really quickly because of rocks around).
There is a simple bathroom at the beginning. And u se caution around the railroad tracks. It is an ACTIVE Railway. Do not hike on train tracks. Parts are too narrow. Use the designated hiking path.
The google maps could be helpful staying on the trail, but there is no service over there.
Generally, it is easy and pretty nice to do trial, takes about 30 minutes each way and about 10-15 minutes near the arch. There are no big tourists groups, parking lot right in front of the trail beginning. 

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As far as I know, there only one way getting there - by car. 
Just type "Corona Arch" at Google and there is the way.
Or drive from Moab on the north via 191, and take a left turn on the 279. Then drive about 10 miles (it is pretty scenic drive, so it could take longer than 15 minutes).  You will able to see the parking zone on the right (a bathroom building and a sign), also there is a big parking and picnic area on the left.

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  • Адрес : Potash Road, Gold Bar Camping Area
  • Координаты GPS : 38.575447,-109.633384


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