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The Yoga Barn

Бали - Индонезия | Фитнес-клубы | Популярность - 0/10
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The Yoga Barn is one of the largest and definitely one of the most popular places for yoga lovers of all kinds in Ubud. 
The center is built in the middle of a tropical garden, that provides beautiful views no matter what a sana you are in. 
An incredible variety of yoga classes: from acro-yoga to yin, kundalini and anything else yoga you can imagine with very high level teachers from all around the world. All classes are taught in English. 
The studios are spacious with high quality mats and props. 
The place also has a cafe with plenty of healthy food, and is not overpriced. 
Each class is 130 000 IDR (10 USD)and a few times a week there are also community classes that are free of charge, but sometimes you need to come a bit early to make sure you have a spot.
A very nice place overall. Highly recommend!

Уровень доступности

В черте города

Как добраться

Ubud is a small, everything is within walking distance. Otherwise take a go-jek bike ride.

Уровень цен


Стоимость услуг

130 000 IDR per class (10 USD)
Community classes free of charge

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Людмила Щепина

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