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Danilovsky market

Москва - Российская Федерация | Продуктовые рынки | Популярность - 0/10
Danilovsky market was founded in 1963. The building was completed in 1986. He became one of the largest food markets of Moscow.
Today Danilovsky market is under the control of the Ginza Project. Also in 2015, the team Danilovsky market was joined by participants of the gastronomic project Stay Hungry, and to the main direction of the market trade a variety of fresh products was gradually added a lot of restaurant projects. The first of them, a bakery "the Loaf", was launched in may 2014. Today at the Danilovsky has more than 20 cafes with different concepts. Including open famous Moscow restaurant figures: "chick-chick" and "Kharcho!" holding White Rabbit Family, Mary&Dogs by Alexander Kan and Dmitry Shurshakov. Some of these cafes has grown from a festival project, talking about "Dagestani shop" Murad Kalaev and Rasul and Camilla Parchevich and The Hummus Anisim Braude. 
From may 2015, at the Danilovsky regularly hosts cooking classes, seasonal fairs and food festivals. Often, the market becomes a site for cultural events: book and antique fairs, discussions and lectures.
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