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How to get the best deal for your used car?

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UAE is a heaven for all car lovers. From powerful SUVs and swanky sedans to vintage and sports car models, you will find an array of choices that take your breath away. Dubai has thousands of car lovers looking for reasonably priced used cars for sale in UAE throughout the year.
Several enthusiastic car owners and potential sellers often ask us "How do I sell my car for the best price?” If you have been wondering how to get the best price for selling a used car, here’s what you need to remember -
i. The features and specifications of your car
wecashanycar will consider the maintenance and the latest upgrades you have made to offer the highest possible selling price for your vehicle.
To sell your car in UAE, always remember that GCC specified cars always fetch a better deal than the non-GCC cars!

ii. What extra features does your car have?
We know how much you love your ride! wecashanycar always considers the features during car valuation.
If you have a typical paint job, or mods that affect the engine and overall performance of the car, it can take away from its resale value.
Are you curious about how the latest trends of car mods will affect the resale value of your old car? You can walk-in or take an appointment for an inspection and receive a valuation for your vehicle. Planning your car body, engine and interior modifications correctly can help you get the best deal when you finally sell your car in UAE.

iii. How frequently have you serviced your car?
Nothing speaks louder to a potential buyer than a well-maintained car. Keep your vehicle history and service document handy when stepping in for a valuation.
A well-maintained and clean vehicle will always fetch greater prices as compared to cars of identical make and model, with similar mileage. Proper care of a vehicle beats almost all other factors when it’s time to decide the price of a car.

iv. What is the mileage of your car?
Buyers tend to associate higher mileage with frequent use and a higher incidence of technical problems. However, that might not be correct for a well-maintained car!
At wecashanycar, we don't just see the mileage, but also run a complete check on the car's engine health, chassis condition, interior finishing, and modifications before assigning a possible resale value to it.

At wecashanycar, you get a complete valuation of your car after a thorough inspection. The evaluation experts consider all the specifications, mechanical conditions and features of a car before putting a price tag on it.
Here’s what you need to sell your car with wecashanycar -
i. A valid Emirates ID
ii. Vehicle registration card
iii. Service history and accident history
iv. Original key and spare
Note: if you are selling on behalf of someone else, be sure to carry the proof of ownership and a valid NOC.
Selling your car needs not be a hassle. Forget dubious valuations and half-hearted inspections. Visit wecashanycar to find out the best deals your car can fetch in the current market.
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