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Africa quarantine

Бамако - Мали | Полезная информация | Популярность - 0/10
Start quarantine in Mali.
On 17 March, it was reported that the country  will closed quarantined on 19 March. 
Time  to leave the country wasn't enough. 
We stayed here in Bamako, wait out quarantine. ( Bamako - capital Mali) .

March 19, 2020: 1. the suspension until further notice, of commercial flights from the affected countries, with the exception of cargo flights  ;  2. the closure of public, private and denominational schools (nursery, primary, secondary and higher) including medersas for three (3) weeks;  3. the suspension until further notice of all public gatherings including workshops, colloquia, seminars, popular meetings: 4. the prohibition until further notice, of social, sporting and cultural gatherings  and policy of more than fifty (50) people, subject to the respect of barrier gestures.  These are weddings, baptisms, funerals: 5. The closing until further notice of night clubs and dance halls.  

came March 19th. the shops and pharmacies were working, there was no panic. The restaurants were working too, no one controlled the number of people. The authorities say there’s no virus. I don’t think so. All the neighboring countries have virus. 

On March 23, the restaurants were closed because they not control. 

Today, March 25th, no one’s talking about the situation in the country. 

The country is very poor. There is not well  medicine. There’s have malaria in Mali, the symptoms are very similar, on coronavirus. Because of this, I think there’s no official confirmation. Since there are no tests, symptoms similar. 

26th have already begun to say that there are patients. but, local people live no matter what happens, life is in full swing in the city.  There are a lot of people on the street, not all masked. 

introduced a curfew after 9 you can’t go out.  Yes, the city dies out at night, but in the morning, in the afternoon, it comes to life and everyone does not follow the rules.

Of course, April 5 will most likely extend the quarantine for an indefinite.  on April 22 there is no comment, local people say ... I quote: to see is to believe.....they dont see this virus so they don't believe on this virus. 

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